Need an EU Payslip Template?


In the EU a Payslip is required by European Law. The freedom of movement for workers within the EU means that businesses should provide a clear and understandable payslip. The European Parliament has demanded that payslips are provided.

A payslip must show clearly information such as gross and net pay, income tax and deductions such as pension and insurance. Both the business and the employee should find all the information needed. A small business may not have accounting software that prints out a payslip, so the best course is to use an appropriate payslip template. Those that are self-employed can use a template to provide proof of income when applying for loans, mortgages, car finance and other financial services.

Download EU Payslip Template


Options for finding a useful and relevant payslip template are:

  • Download from the web
  • Some Office Software websites
  • Microsoft Word or Open Office have tools to create templates
  • Standalone programs are available with dedicated modules
  • Purchase a payslip template online to customise or use as it is

If you search for payslip templates on Google or Bing then there are a lot of options in the results. Take some time to check them out. Some are listed on this website. Free payslip templates can be found.

Many sites are available with a payslip template free or for a small charge. Free sites can be limited and the template may not provide everything needed, but there are some good suppliers who charge a small amount for payslips. You should check these carefully before parting with any money online.

Create your own in Microsoft Word or Open Office

If you know the information that needs to be on a payslip template then you can use one of the office programs such as Word, Excel or Open Office to create them. They may not be as good as a professionally produced template, but they will be sifficient for most people. Spend some time considering payslip templates from a range of sources and accounting software. The style and layout of the template can then be copied and used in your own software.

Use Standalone Accounting Software

Programs can be purchased online that will calculate all the required tax, pension and insurance payments for you and print the payslips ready for use.